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ITP Materials: Presentation - Stress-Assisted Corrosion

2007-4-24 · Stress-Assisted Corrosion (SAC) in Boiler Tubes Preet M. Singh* and Steve J. [email protected] * Georgia Institute Technology, Atlanta, GA Further Damage Accumulation by Disruption or Fracture of Porous Hoop stress at the inside surface of tube at the weld becomes


the kinds of damage that can occur in the main boiler tube, including: stress rupture, erosion, water side corrosion, fatigue, fire side corrosion, and lack of quality control. The case study lasted for ten years beginning in 2004 until 2014 located in Maharastra area, India. From the results of the investigation for

Stress-Assisted Corrosion in Boiler Tubes (Technical

2019-9-10 · Stress assisted corrosion (SAC) of carbon steel boiler tubes is one of the major causes of waterside failure in industrial boilers. SAC is a major concern for kraft recovery boilers in the pulp and paper industry as any water leak into the furnace can cause a smelt-water explosion in the boiler.

Surface Residual Stress of TP304 Stainless Steel Thin Wall

Axial and tangential surface residual stress of TP304 stainless steel thin wall tube was measured with X-ray stress tester and reasons for the formation of the residual stress on the surface of the stainless steel pipe was analyzed.The results show that there was

Stress and integrity analysis of steam superheater

2002-9-2 · The REDUC boiler is model VU-60, nominal charge 365 ton/h of steam, design pressure 119 kgf/cm 2 and operating pressure 104 kgf/cm 2. The strength of a boiler tube depends on the level of stress as well as on temperature when the tube metal temperatures are in the creep range.

A Review of the Common Causes of Boiler Failure in the

2017-9-21 · somewhere between 8% and 12% of fire tube boilers in the UK have been found to be affected. The reverse fillet welds of the main tube to shell and furnace tube to tube sheet are the most common places of attack in fire tube boilers and the problem is often described as toe cracking. Failure is initiated at the surface in a high stress area.

Recent Experience in Boiler Header Tube Nipple Failures

2018-2-1 · stress range values are input to a fatigue evaluation using a cumulative damage concept. A boiler tube nipple to header junction is sub- jected to temperature excursions due to plant events such as load change, startup and shutdown. A typical daily two-shift mode of operation involves shutting the boiler off overnight, for a six to eight

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2014-9-12 · The soot and scale problems Page 4 NOTES 3. Fire tube and water tube differences There is a basic difference between fire tube and water tube arrangements, with respect to the location of the soot and scale. Figure 1 shows a water or superheater tube with soot at the outside of the tube and scale at the inside. In a water tube boiler the hot

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Kit contains 19 Boiler Tubes with various damage indications manufactured by FlawTech while incorporating EPRI Technology; representing a complete range of fossil-fired boiler tube failure mechanisms steam and water touched. Material: 18 tubes are SA513 Type 5 Gr1020/1026 c/s and 1 tube


2013-7-2 · TEMPERATURE BOILER TUBES USING ITERATIVE ANALYTICAL stress and shorter creep life. The tube life was also influenced by the tube metal 2.7 Model of Water Boiler Tube (Purbolaksono et al., 2010. p. 100) 38 2.8 Typical Arrangements of the Bare Tubes in a

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Consequently, the bottom of the drum will become longer than the top, causing the drum to warp. This phenomenon called "drum humping" can lead to stress fractures of the generating tubes between the steam and mud drums. Refractory damage is the most prevalent damage associated with a quick warm-up of a boiler from a cold start.

Creep Damage Assessment Procedure for Weldment

It was found from observation of creep damage interrupted specimens that initiation of creep voids concentrated at the mid-thickness region rather than the surface. It was suggested that triaxial stress states caused acceleration of creep damage evolution in the heat affected zone resulting in internal failure of the tube specimens.

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An overheat boiler tube failure There are many reasons for boiler tube failures such as pitting, stress corrosion Three tube damage mechanisms related to overheating are presented and


2016-1-6 · A breakthrough in an industrial water tube boiler design True "flexible water tube" design guaranteed shock free High quality steam for heat or process Full five (5) sq ft of heating surface per BHP Quality construction features Water side or steam side interior accessible for cleanout and inspection, front and rear openings, upper and lower drums.

Boiler and Turbine Steam and Cycle Chemistry-2010_P064

2011-7-15 · Ionic contaminants to the feedwater cycle for poor quality or nonoptimized makeup water treatment and in-leakage of cooling water or other sources are the fundamental corrodents leading to boiler tube hydrogen damage and turbine stress corrosion and corrosion

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2013-6-11 · Figure 1 - Photograph of boiler tube bundle with detuning straps Figure 2 - CATIA model of the boiler bank (Inset – detail of boiler tubes and de-tuning straps) The stress range for the damage assessments was taken at the weld-toe of the weld pad, at the point of maximum equivalent stress, from the local fi nite element model.

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2018-11-1 · Metallurgical root-cause investigation helps to narrow down the reasons of failure and provides inputs to make proper corrective action. TCR has vast experience in undertaking complex failures of boiler tube, turbine shaft & blades and have helped power plant and utility boiler

Wall Thinning and Creep Damage Analysis in Boiler Tube

2013-6-19 · Wall Thinning and Creep Damage Analysis in Boiler Tube and Optimization of Operating Conditions Begum et al. at a temperature around 593 C. It is due to metallurgy of the tube materials.5–6 Moreover, prolong exposure to high temperature and high pressure, accelerate creep damage due to the presence of pre existing crack, scaling, hydro-gen

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2016-1-20 · stress. Several factors like basic metallurgical condition, internal scale deposition and operating factors can contribute to creep failure. High temperature hydrogen attack (HTHA) Hydrogen damage of boiler evaporator tube, also called hydrogen attack, results in serious and irreparable damage to the tube steel and should

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2019-10-24 · Clean ash, soot and other products of combustion from fireside tube and tube sheet surfaces immediately after shutdown. Flush these surfaces completely with water to dissolve, dilute and remove any remaining sulfur compounds. Dry by blowing air through the boiler. All cleaned surfaces should be coated with a good grade of light oil to prevent rust.

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